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I guess I'll introduce myself, too.

Name: Jenna

Age: 22

How long have you been a fan of Keauna and Rockne?
I'm a newcomer. Nationals this year.

If you could choose any piece of music for Keauna and Rockne to skate to, what would it be?: I really enjoy this song by Gotan Project called Santa Maria, it has a fun upbeat feel.

Other favorite skaters: Oh, I'm pretty old school. I love Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan, Paul Wylie, and Todd Eldredge. I loved Sasha Cohen, too.

Favorite sports besides skating: College Basketball (Go Duke!), College Football, Pro Football and Cubs Baseball.

Hobbies: Graphic design, job hunting, reading, playing Guitar Hero & Wii Sports, cooking, watching SportsCenter, and finding good music.

Anything else you'd like to say?: I type with correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization while blogging, texting, and chatting.
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